Invisible – not only because of the unique materials and innovative mechanics – but because that is what we perceive a kickstand should be: unseen when attached, unfelt when in use, unnoticed when carried.

Unfelt When Carried,
Makes Anywhere You Go
A Nifty Workstation

It acts as a natural, seamless appendage of your laptop with a mere thickness of 3.04mm, making it unfelt when not in use. It turns any place you stay at a comfortable working environment, enormously raming up your productivity. No more need for a bulky laptop stand on the go.

Different Angles, Same Comfort

Two lifting modes offer 3 inches elevation and 2 inches elevation respectively.
It easily adopts to desks in different heights for the right eye-viewing level and healthy body posture

Heavy Duty Power

Holds upto 18 lbs

Stunning Thinness

Just 3.04mm thick

Perfect Materials for Your Tactile
Feeling and Durability

It’s built with customized PU and stiff fiberglass materials, ensuring its pleasant touch and rigidity to hold most laptops stably. It also repels scratches and splashes of water in daily basis for a long-lasting use.

Easy Attachment,
Reusable Multiple Times

It takes literally seconds to attach it. Detaching it is easier than peeling off a sticker without a single mark or scratch left. And re-attaching comes with the same strong effectiveness.