MOFT X – Invisible Mobile Stand

Rs. 3,349

MOFT X makes every device vertical-friendly so you can see all of your content the way you want to see it.  Its ultra-slim body follows our minimalist design philosophy – invisible yet practical.

For MOFT X, a simple yet very ergonomic fold-line on the back is enough to make it function perfectly, go with you all the time but unaware of its existence, and help you kick it up in just 1 second—even your cat knows how to use it.

Whether it’s Facial unlock, video chat, messaging, or news browsing. At 60°, you can totally do anything we mentioned just now, hands-free

Work with:

  • Phones 4.7″ or larger with plastic/metal/crystal back.
  • Please make sure there’s no obtrusion/lends/sensor/grill in the area
  • Dimensions of the Stand & Wallet:  3.6*2.5*0.18 in

Product Specification:

Dimensions:: 3.6*2.5*0.18 in/93*64*4.6 mm

Material: Vegan leather, Fiberglass, Magnets, Metal sheets

Weight: 1 oz/29 g

Holds up to 3 cards

3 viewing modes: Portrait, Landscape, and Floating